Electronic technical related mailing list (elec ML) Guidance


Here, it is an electronic technical related mailing list.elec-ML The subscription method through which it passes is explained.

Table of contents

About elec ML

An elec mailing list is a mailing list which carried out electronic technical relation. the way of being which has electronic technical-related information or received �� and information -- more interesting participation It is O.K. Moreover, the information exchange about H8/OS and information offer have also gone positively.

With this mailing list....

  • Subject about ARM Processor
  • Subject about MES(H8/OS)
  • Subject about EDA(Electronic Design Automaion)
  • Subject about free circuit simulator
  • Subject about the I/O control using Linux/FreeBSD
  • Subject about crossing development of the various microcomputers by gcc
  • Subject about a Linux/FreeBSD device driver its original work
  • Subject concerning Linux/FreeBSD application at the business relevant to electronic technology and control technology
  • Subject about the free EDA tool
  • In addition, if it is related with electronic technology, it OKs anything. (^_^)/
  • The following is made into the main subjects.

    The participating method of an elec mailing list

    1. Mail is sent to elec-ctl@mlist01.netfort.gr.jp

    2. To elec-ctl@mlist01.netfort.gr.jp, it is in the text.
      subscribe Your name

      Example: subscribe Saitoh Hitosi

      lease send the indicated mail. (subject: Entry needlessness)

    3. The mail to which a check is urged arrives.

    4. Mail of the following contents comes. Please observe the line to begin.
      >>> subscribe Saitoh Hitosi
      confirm 200008120307588817111 Saitoh Hitosi
      Please reply this mail to confirm your subscribe request
      and send this to elec-ctl@mlist01.netfort.gr.jp
      So, you can be added to MAILING LIST <elec@mlist01.netfort.gr.jp>.

      --elec@mlist01.netfort.gr.jp, Be Seeing You! 
      *** Confirmation ( check of registration ) ***

         This mail is a mailing list.( elec@mlist01.netfort.gr.jp ) You may register truly.
      It is that check. It is this mail if it is what may be registered truly.
      REPLY It carries out and sends as it is. Please give.
      (Following abbreviation)

    5. Check mail is issued.

    6. Above It carries out Reply to mail (reply ). the line which the mail by which it came to the text of mail origin begins -- namely
       confirm 200008120307588817111 Saitoh Hitosi 

      (leaving) Once again elec-ctl@mlist01.netfort.gr.jp Please be alike and mail.

    7. It is the completion of registration.

    8. The subject name "Welcome to our You are added automatically (elec ML)" Mail comes and it is the completion of registration.

    9. * Contribution��

    10. Contribution, elec@mlist01.netfort.gr.jp It is alike and carries out by receiving.

    The withdrawal method

    elec-ctl@mlist01.netfort.gr.jpIt passes and is in the text.

    Please send the mail to say. (subject: is entry needlessness).
    Since the mail which indicated the purport from which it withdrew after sending this mail arrives Please check.

    To a mailing list participant

      Since this mailing list is exhibited fundamentally, and the past archive may be exhibited on a network or it may be recorded on various archives, please consent to this in the case of subscription.

      The slander and slander to others are strict prohibition. Moreover, it does not arrange reacting to such subject, either.

      When you want to know about how to use a mailing list to elec-ctl@mlist01.netfort.gr.jp in the text.
      only an used description will be returned if the written mail is issued.